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Nuances of Pranic Nourishment in Breatharianism

by Virochana Khalsa March, 2016

Like turning a kaleidoscope, so many views of the universe, one not diminishing another, other than in the freshness of the moment.

While the commonly shared experience of feeding ourselves on prana from the universe as a defining aspect of breatharianism is valuable, for me, it does not quite capture it correctly.

Let’s go back to a primal function of food, which is of a dependent relationship with our environment. Or looked at from another angle, of bringing our transcendent presence into the physical through an interdependent grounding; flavoring it in the process. Without that nourishment or resonance of this relational process (and others), we would unlikely gain enough practical definition/grounding into physical reality to even be here (unless of course we already have it).

I believe that a more accurate presentation of breatharianism is enhancing the nectar qualities of our natural state and vibration within physicality. While nourishing, it could also be mentioned as emanating, where literally prana is an emergent aspect from qualities such as joy and expanse.

Physical food, and lower vibrations, when brought inside of us, tend to dampen this natural emanation, by intimately replacing it with other ones. Removing the food, and clearing the debris, makes us feel great because that is who we are. Eventually, we bring our inner-sprung emanation so strongly into relationship of our body and resonance with environment, that we can control how food or other energies dampen this or not.

When no longer needing physical food, that does not change the interdependent reality of creation, and brings to the fore the subtler ways of grounding our transcendent expanded quality into the wakefulness of relationship. Being complete, paradoxically there is still vulnerability because of the nature of oneness.

So in short, while I believe it is extremely useful to feel the pranic connection clicking as our nourishment, that inflow of subtle prana; we can also understand it as our radiance, our presence individually defined but not grasped, like an electron that never stops spinning. Or the breathless state where the whole dynamic universe is experienced in stillness. I believe that this more nuanced understanding better supports an enlightened view and opens the door to greater beauty of awareness.

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