Sacred Mountain Retreat

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

by Virochana July, 2002

Jesu-Color-125Lord of the Pink Ray: Devotion, Spiritual Government, integrated presence. Compassion, receptivity.

Jesu and Mary maintain a presence on earth through radiations from the Central Sun, where he heads a council of ascended Masters who bring forth various cosmic cycles of growth upon our planet.

In a dream transmission in Southern India, Jesu showed me that his work with the apostles was one-hundred percent complete. He then showed me that he had a secret work, which he began with Mary 2,000 years ago, which is forty percent complete. This work involved a particular set of Twin Ray couples.

While Jesu does not maintain a full time physical body on the planet, as some of the other Masters who work on the front-line do, he is nonetheless extremely active in the unseen affairs of our planet. He has directly taken on some extremely difficult and tricky karmic influences on this planet, particularly on the misuse of pink, red and gold rays, knowing that he is of the Light which never fails. It should be of no surprise that many of the souls bound in these karmic limitations are playing out those very limitations within Christianity.

In our retreat with El Morya, Gaylord, Leto and various Masters in the Himalayas, Jesu and Mary came one morning, after a particular victory, in their magnificent subtle presence, to bless us and share their Love. He said that he is heading the attention of Cosmic Masters within the Central Sun of ever-present Light who are directing the details of the Cosmic breath that the earth began inhaling in early January of 1995. There is much front-line work from many Masters aimed at releasing constrictive energies held by particular disruptive beings, which if done consciously, will not necessitate a storm of cleansing by earth as part of this cosmic breath.

mary-magdalene_viro1Mary’s Presence brought visions of devic wonderlands, composed of pure consciousness, interacting in a multitude of flowing, soft, harmonious and ecstatic ways. I understood that she seldom visits the earth.

One night, while sleeping, I was taken into an astral temple, where I witnessed an amazing spectacle. Jesus was on a stone, bleeding, in great agony, while a being stood guard on each side. It was a perpetuating image; the blood kept flowing, flowing, as a continual purification. It was a temple created, like a flame, to purify pain and suffering on the planet. It was said that very few had ever visited this place, even among Jesu’s students, such as the apostles. I intuitively understood that many of the saints, such as Saint Francis of Assisi, who would bleed from the wounds of Christ, were in fact directly connected to this temple and assisting in the purification of the collective psyche.

While many might take offence, nonetheless, the history books, even if titled as scripture, seldom capture the full flower, hidden purposes, challenges, limitations, or even basic factual truths of times long past. This should be of little concern to the students of Light, for it is in a forward direction that we are moving, each becoming a Master.

Jesu gained from Mahavatar BabaJi the full import and radiation of how to apply himself in the full activation of his being towards the Eternal Victory over death. BabaJi had previously gained this same victory a hundred years before Jesu. Meditate and feel yourself above the head, knowing thyself as eternal spirit. Then say, “I AM The Resurrection and the Life.” Can you touch this sacred application into realizing your spirit as all things? This is not a religion, it is freedom from all religion, limitation and dogma.


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