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My Experience Living in Four Spatial Dimensions

by Virochana Khalsa February, 2014

I recently watched a video on you-tube of a young person attempting to describe attributes of a four-dimensional spatial framework based on mathematical concepts, and I thought to myself perhaps it would be good for me to write an article of my day-to-day experience of living in this awareness, along with a few pointers of how to increase this awareness for yourself.

This awareness is not something that you can figure out with the mind, and it would probably drive you nuts trying to. A good place to start is to simply be more aware in three dimensions. Three dimensional awareness gets its name from the three imaginary axis that can be drawn from a point to mathematically define its spatial location relative to another point. But if you think about it, there is not like ‘3’ dimensions, rather it is a single dimension of space in the way that we commonly know it. So four dimensions, in this context, indicates that there is another axis describing the relative distance between two localities.

Few of us however actually practice even a common 3-d spatial awareness. In spatial awareness we feel the insides of our body, we feel the space around us, and there is a sense of being somehow aware of everything you see, as if you could see the inside of it as well as its surface, and that a part of you touches and exists in everything. This is a relaxed, not trying awareness and is very present.

Over the years as your capacity increases to remain in this, it will naturally lead to a greater-dimensionality of your awareness. Another key for this development is the sense that whatever you see and feel in that spatiality is tangibly connected. You feel your arms, legs, head, all part of the body – while your mind can feel more or less at home, there is still an unquestioned wholeness of it. In the same way the space around you is felt as a wholeness, so an object at point B and your body at point A are intimately in the same large body of space. This does not mean that you know all about point B, although you might, rather it is the ‘sense’ that is important.

These kinds of subtle senses relax the mind outside of its ‘normal’ framework and prepare you for deeper realities. Through patient meditation we learn how to focus through points within our body and gain a non-physical vitality and awareness within these places. Now if you bring stillness to your thoughts while maintaining tangible awareness of one of these openings inside the body, and at the same time the normal spatial awareness of your outer existence; all this together opens four-dimensional-spatial awareness. There are other ways, but this way has a stability to it.

In this state you can be aware of, for example, your consciousness having a form experience in another place, not necessarily a physical place, side-by-side with whatever you are doing at the moment, and the two feel as part of the same whole – this is the four-spatial-dimensional awareness. This is not a fuzziness, or lack of definition, rather, just the opposite. The same subtle activity if perceived without this cognition would feel as a part of yourself being somewhere else having an experience, which is a kind of fragmentation. Yogicly, this type of fragmentation does not allow the longer depths of practice needed as one advances through inter-connection and internal definition.

One aspect of a forth spatial dimension is the relative distance our consciousness feels between one experience and another. This however is not limited to just two experiences, there can be a thousand simultaneous experiences, and it is still very relaxing in the sense of wholeness. What is important is to spend time developing a profound connection beyond yourself that exists within yourself.

This is a practical application, and when the two come together, then that creates the opening. We could go about this in an abstract manner, such as imagining adding in a pie of space into an already complete circular pie in space, but that is not as connected to the reality of what your emotional inner being is already living in right now. Gaining the cognition through conscious relationship develops this naturally.

Time is not the fourth dimension in this context, but time does take on a more relative quality within this framework. It is an interplay within it. Four dimensional awareness is a source of energy in its own rite, and a relative quality of time is born out of it. Deeper dimensional awareness behind this reveals more of the true nature of time, but that is another subject.

This kind of awareness is not enlightenment, per say, but it is a natural and very important development necessary for particular kinds of inner practice, which themselves immerse one into the field of enlightened beings and experience.

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