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by Amrita and Shantara August, 2013

  • AotearoaWe are all part of Mother Earth, an indivisible, living community of interrelated and interdependent beings with a common destiny;
  • We gratefully acknowledge that Mother Earth is the source of life, nourishment and learning and provides everything we need to live well;
  • We recognize that the capitalist system and all forms of depredation, exploitation, abuse and contamination have caused great destruction, degradation and disruption of Mother Earth, putting life as we know it today at risk;
  • We are convinced that in an interdependent living community it is not possible to recognize the rights of only human beings without causing an imbalance within Mother Earth...

earth1We Serve Pachamama

Our Heroes for Pachamama

Inherent Rights of Pachamama

Mother Earth and all beings of which she is composed have the following inherent rights:

  1. the right to life and to exist;
  2. OnepotoCaves_WC_med1_web_15the right to be respected;
  3. the right to regenerate its bio-capacity and to continue its vital cycles and processes free from human disruptions;
  4. the right to maintain its identity and integrity as a distinct, self-regulating and interrelated being;
  5. the right to water as a source of life;
  6. the right to clean air;
  7. CrestoneMountainthe right to integral health;
  8. the right to be free from contamination, pollution and toxic or radioactive waste;
  9. the right to not have its genetic structure modified or disrupted in a manner that threatens it integrity or vital and healthy functioning;
  10. the right to full and prompt restoration for violation of the rights recognized in this Declaration caused by human activities;
  11. Each being has the right to a place and to play its role in Mother Earth for her harmonious functioning.
  12. Every being has the right to wellbeing and to live free from torture or cruel treatment by human beings.

VW_banff1* This is an excerpt from the Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth, who we serve.

For the full declaration, which is passed into Law in Bolivia, read the full Law here.

by Amrita and Shantara>

August, 2013

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