Sacred Mountain Retreat

Devi's Poem

by Dharma Devi April, 2008


Greetings to the sunrise

Greetings to the moon

envelope the snake like whistle drifting into a tomb

grave robbers seem close yet are they friend or foe

come to take me back to the light

the bountiful, duty driven King Arthur arrives at my grave

excalibur at his site

the vision of sweetness to surrender, running thru lavender fields

flashbacks of life’s without duty, now an eternal break

wolves at my site running free thru the fog

lights that were distant, now seem to hover over me

the given is taken, north, south, east, west, above, below


forever,.. not ever dreamed one dream with two

eternal blessing ever expanding perfection on the clear path to the Masters

thank You thank You thank you great Tanka

Dharma Devi not ever dreamed one dream with two, till now

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